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Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Lion's Den, the place where warriors are made. My name is Ken Shamrock. 

For more than 20 years, I fought in the ring... and out.

I did it for fame, fortune, and respect. And after all the punches, kicks, and submissions, I've found a new reason to fight.
                                                   It's for you…

 I'm 51 years old. I've been blessed to have an amazing career and even be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.
But my life wasn't always rainbows and sunshine.

See, when I was younger, my mother married someone and I didn't like the change…

So I ran away from home.

When I ran away I had to have a means of survival, so I would steal from stores, you know all the healthy stuff like candy and chips. 

I would also take a knife to school and stick people up and have them give me their lunch money. 

Some would say that I was pretty hardcore at 10.

I say… I just needed to survive.

It didn't take long for me to end up in a group home. 

But even there, I found it hard to fit in, and seven group homes later, 13 year old Kenneth Kilpatrick (Me) was sent to a home which was run by Bob Shamrock, who later adopted me… hence my current name, Kenneth Shamrock.

See, I might have been the baby of the bunch, but I was the man, and after a short while…

… I kind of took over the leadership of the house, because I was ready to fight at the drop of the hat. 

According to my dad, I had a certain amount of character that a lot of these kids simply did not have.
Fortunately, my dad recognized that I had natural athletic abilities, and he thought sports would help me channel my anger. 

So, he directed me to football and wrestling. 

That path led me straight to ultimate fighting and there, I found a new set of challenges.
You see, I got into fighting, and I became very famous. I got into drugs. I got into alcohol.

I got into that life that the devil pushes in front of you… the one he hands to you on a silver platter.

It felt like the devil himself said…

"Hey, here's women, drugs, money, whatever you want, baby. Here it is..."
For years I dominated the sport. I was a feared opponent and quickly rose to the top. But my wild lifestyle cost me everything.

I got caught up in all the fame and money. 

I lost my first wife. 

That right there was... It was my fault. 

There was a lot of things that happened, and I wasn't living right. But I got brought to my knees. I lost my house. I lost my car. I lost my money. 

I lost everything, literally everything...

And that's saying something because I was making a lot of money.

I was living in an apartment with a bed mattress on the floor. The world champion fighter. Everybody knows me, and I got a mattress in an apartment on the floor. 

People don't know that. 

I basically had nothing left, and my soul was gone. 

Everything was gone. I was ready to quit, give up, I was done… I was just like, “Put me in the ground.”
That is, until I ran into Tonya, my childhood friend who I'd later marry.
Me and Tonya got together. 

She had gone through a bad divorce, and I had gone through a bad divorce. Hers was more recent than mine, and we were nurturing each other and really bringing each other back to life, and we knew that God was in our lives, but it wasn't really out there. 

We weren't really testifying…
But that was about to change, because our teenage daughter, Sarah, had joined a church.
So we started going to church and getting involved with her, because we were trying to make this change with her. 

But the truth is...

Who was the change really for? 

It was for us.
Me and Tonya rededicated our lives to the Lord, and now I continue to help fighters go pro.

See, I didn't just train them on how to fight. I trained them on how to always get paid as fighters… and how to not get screwed over or taken advantage of.

Listen, the road that I have traveled has been very rocky. 

I was in group homes. I was involved with drugs. I was involved with alcohol. I was involved with being split up in a marriage gone bad. There's a lot of things that I went through, and I think the most that I would want people to know is that you gotta have faith and a plan.

If you have the faith, I'll share with you my master plan for gaining fame, money and all the success you could ever ask for as a professional mixed martial arts fighter.

Can I share it with you?

I decided to create a 6 week training program walking you through exactly how to go from zero to highly paid MMA superstar.
This isn’t something that’s haphazardly put together.
I’ve paved the path, successfully testing these strategies first-hand.
“fighters life”.

And not just that, I promise, if you follow the roadmap and strategies i've laid out for you in Elite Fighter Success Course, your career will be so financially rewarding, those around you who ever doubted you before will start praising your name saying, “I 
On top of that, I have helped countless other fighters just like you create a financially stable and wealthy always believed in that kid!”

We call these folks FLIP FLOPPERS.

At first they don't believe in you, but as soon as you reach success, especially more success than them, they will flip and either hate you with envy or praise you in admiration.

That's a guarantee.

The truth is, after following my roadmap and seeing incredible results, you'll gain a life others would only dream to have. 

Be prepared for the criticism of other fighters around you as you rise above them in fame and notoriety.

Pay close attention because here is what you get in my 
Elite Fighter Success six week course…

Week 1: The Beginning 

The world got to see me in the ring on TV and witnessed my meteoric rise to the top, but what they didn't see is all the behind the scenes work that I put in to make it all happen. In this part of the training, I will tell my story… the true story that's never been publicly told before. 

Week 2: Leveraging Scholarships

If you're still young enough to get into high school or college wrestling you can save yourself a lot of time and money buy getting attention as a wrestler first. In this section of the training, I will show you how to leverage scholarships to gain an unfair advantage over everyone else

Week 3: The Fight Circuit

There's certain fights the press always shows up at. This is as close to scouting as there is in the fight world. I will walk you by the hand and show you how to find the BEST fights that the right people are at and watching

Week 4: Getting Attention

It's one thing to know what fights to sign up for, it's another to let the media know you're there to fight and win. Leveraging social media is a huge part of this. In this training I will uncover my social media and attention getting secrets (almost no one is taking advantage of this)

Week 5: Contract Negotiations

What may seem like a lot of money in one lump sum, isn't always a lot of money in the long run. Most of us just want to fight and the money is the by-product. I will show you what to look for and how to avoid getting into a bad contract… this is were MOST MMA fighters lose BIG TIME!

Week 6: Live Q&A

I taught this course LIVE and afterwards, I wanted to give attendees a chance to ask questions. You get to listen and watch as I answer all of their most urgent questions

How Much Is It?

Originally this was going to retail for $1,497.00, but I realized that even though this training is worth it, that would limit the amount of people who could access these strategies.

And the truth is, this isn’t for folks who are already rolling around in money, living it up.

It’s for the fighter who’s in the gym, training, teaching, fighting and doing everything they can to stay in shape and ahead of the the game.
If that’s you… then I want to be your personal business Coach.
If you let me...

We all have coaches in life, but they’re usually for sports.

The thing is, if you want to win in the game of business, you want a coach who’s been in your shoes, knows what it’s like to struggle…

... and more importantly, knows how to overcome all obstacles and win!

I can show you and literally hand you a proven roadmap to the dream fighter life you desire so badly.

And it won’t cost you anywhere near $1,497.00.

Heck, it won’t even cost you HALF of that.

The truth is, I could easily sell this program for $297, $397… Even $997 and it would STILL be worth every penny.

But that’s still too expensive for what I want to do for you.

Right now, when you take fast action on this page, you can get Elite Fighter Success for a STEAL OF A DEAL at only $47.

That’s a ONE TIME investment.

Not weekly, monthly or yearly.

Frankly, $97 is a drop in the bucket to have me pull back the curtain and help you leap frog in front of all the other fighters desperately trying to reach MMA superstardom.
How To Get Started Now...
Listen, I’ve done everything I can to make sure what’s included in Elite Fighter Success Course  is the most comprehensive, step-by-step guide to making it BIG in the MMA world.

I promise that if you follow it exactly, you’ll see incredible changes in your career.
And I want YOU to have it.

All you need to do is click the button on this page and order immediately.

One you fill in your billing details, you’ll be given direct and INSTANT ACCESS to this training.

Plus, since it’s all digital, you can watch Elite Fighter Success Course  much anywhere and on any device like your phone, laptop, tablet, desktop or even your TV.
My Promise To You...

Take action on your fight career right now before something else pops up and distracts you.

This is literally the most important letter I could ever write you… and if you don’t take me up on my roadmap to success… I promise you… you’d be a fool.

I don’t say this to insult you, but it’s true.

You see, how could any serious fighter in their right mind, not leap at the chance to the avoid all the costly mistakes most fighters make while piecing together their fight career?

Especially if you wanted a proven way to fast-track your road to fame and glory?

I’ve gotten beaten up and bruised in the business world for you… you don’t need to go through the same struggles I did.

You don’t need to be deceived by the vicious management teams out there constantly stringing you along like a puppet… screwing you in your contracts...

… And taking you from one fight to the next… without actually getting you any further in your career.
I promise, if you follow the steps and clear path I laid out for you in Elite Fighter Success Course, you’ll see changes in your career unlike ever before.


If you do nothing and continue doing whatever it is you think you’re doing, you’ll be stuck in the same spot next year and the year after that as well.

There’s absolutely ZERO reason for you to delay your greatness.

Get started with Shamrocks Elite Fighter success Course and let me take you to your next higher level.

I guarantee, the only thing you’ll be asking after you order… is “why didn’t I get started sooner”.
To Your Fight Career,

Ken Shamrock

P.S. Listen, when was the last time you spent $47?

Was it sometime this month?

We all have money, sometimes we need to borrow it, sometimes we need to work a few more hours at our job, whatever it is… we can all get money.

Especially in a world of credit cards.

Then, something crazy happened…
Social media came around and gave me the ability to start connecting with other people from around the globe.

That’s when I realized that there were people just like me… going through the same struggles.

People that were top producers in their field…

…people that had their stuff together, knew what they were doing, and were under the same amount of stress as I was.

The problem was, I didn’t know any of them at the time because I was in my own little world.

I was inside a corporate box and even had a corner office.

But it wasn’t enough.
I bring this up because this won’t be the first time you’re asked to invest $47.

And it definitely won’t be the last.

The only difference is whether you use the $47 right now as an investment in your financial future as a fighter… or if you blow it on something else you won’t see returns from.

This training won’t be available at this low price forever, eventually it WILL go up and you’ll kick yourself for missing out on such a bargain of a price.

It’s a steal of a deal… and a no-brainer opportunity.

The choice is yours...  

Will you get started now and invest in your future, or no?

I hope you choose your future.

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